Bella Lenahan the collector, has a little gem to show us today. By Dogonardo da Cani, this small painting is called "The Lady and the Fairet". The Lady is her ancestor, Bellilia Gallerani. Bellilia owned a pet that was a very rare creature: a little Fairet, which can be classified as a Fairy Ferret! This one was called Andrea di Bellilia and stayed with her lady until the end!

This is, once again, my favourite Da Vinci, "Lady and Ermine". Very different and I think better than my older versions. The Lady is Bella and I gave her a beautiful tiara with a jewel. The "Fairet" is myself. I have used a picture of mine and distorted it until it looked like a ferret. I have decided to give it some Redbull so it could give it wings! No, kidding, the wings are just for the fairy touch, otherwise it would look like an Alien and that would not be my intention!

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