Bella's super-famous grand-grand-grand-etc-mother, Ms. Bellise Brooks, silent movie starlet circa 1921. A tribute to Louise Brooks. I think the dog at the right is Bonzo, and the one at left is Dismal Desmond!

Bella (or her ancestor Clara Bella in fact) was portrayed in an article about how much it costs to be a well-dressed Flapper, by Scottie Fierce! The text has been fully modified to accommodate the canine counterparts of a human flapper, if such a thing is possible... Based on the (real) article "What it Costs to be a Well-Dressed Flapper" by Scott Pierce from circa 1926. The starlet pictured originally was the famous and pretty Clara Bow, who becomes here "Clara Bella". Found on Pinterest, gold mine for crazy stuff.

Bella Lenahan just found an old newspaper in her family mementos. It is about an old Auntie, the actress Miss Bella May. She certainly inherited some of that acting talent. This collage is based on a newspaper from 1904, portraying the real Miss Edna May. Here you can see "Miss Bella May" and the original paper.

Good Morning! Here's Bella Lenahan dressed up as Anna Bellenina, the tragic heroine of Leo Borzoy's novel of the same title. This was for a Hallowe'en masquerade last year and she looks very pretty! Two versions are displayed here, one in sepia and the other a tad bit darker...

We have a vintage photograph from Bella Lenahan's family album today. This is her great-grandmother, Mrs. Puppa Collies, looking very fashionable with a silk and faux fur floating cape and a big feather hat. We can say that the apple does not fall away from the tree...
Here I decided to display 4 versions: a blueish tinted one, a pale vintage, a wintery scene and finally one colorized sepia with a "zoom" effect, which I love to use!

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