"Kitsunebi" ( 狐火 ) is latest night's rendering, still on the theme of Fox Spirits of Japan.
Here, there is more to the eye than what we actually see. All little red balls and lanterns are fox-spirits, trying to confound the traveler that crosses their path. They come and go, flames in shades of red and orange. Expanding and contracting, they move without one even realising it, fires great and small - leading one astray in this world of illusions.
I have used yet another Kitsune mask from Adobe Stock, and a statue from the French Monkey/TFM free assets pack. The Fabric was extruded in PS. Basically, I wanted to convey some Issey Miyake pleats, it seems, as well as some Art Deco vibes by merging the statue to the extruded shapes.
Hope you like it. Thanks for watching,

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