I have used some Redouté rose plates to build my original tile for these patterns. I wanted to build it the "fastidious" way, ie, by cutting, pasting, aligning, and selecting different parts of the composition. I did not use the Offset function. I somehow think it is important to know the complicate ways as well. Besides, I believe it somehow allows more flexibility to accommodate further changes and design detailing.  Back in my times, ages ago, we used to do the same using paper. And only that. Exhausting but rewarding.
I admit these are far from good, but it is an important part of my apprenticeship nevertheless, and, as I said before, just an exercise.
On this set I show the original tile, it's different versions and the final result, with all tiled up.
Very first draft of the Rose tile, all ready to go.
Using a watercolor effect.
And another effect here.
The basic designed, tiles and in different color schemes: red above, and blue right below...
Finally, the second set came up as shown below. First screenshot is the original tile, and the second one, shows the final pattern (tiled up) with a different treatment and different color palette.

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