"A Mon Seul Désir" is the 6th tapestry from the Unicorn series in the Musée du Moyen Age in Cluny, Paris. Each of the tapestries symbolise one of our 5 senses. This one being the 6th tapestry, it very probably refers to something a bit more occult: "To My Only Desire". They are beautiful and impressive, and the animals in it are almost like something issued from an old children's book, at the same time solemn and sweet.
Bella is here represented as the Lady, seemingly picking some jewels from a chest offered by her servant Ms. Fox, and surrounded by other adorable animals: a Lion and a Unicorn, a monkey, some rabbits, sheep, bull, birds, hounds and lap dogs, as well as little birds. If all else fails, this is an Alchemical Hymn of Joy and Happiness.

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