Bella's flower of the day is the Violet. Not only my Mother's name, but it also represents three ideals according to the Victorian Floriography: modesty, affection and delicate love. White violets, according to several sources, would also mean "Let's Take A Chance On Happiness".
For this collage I pictures Bella seating on a bunch of violet flowers and leaves. Her eyes also hide a beautiful violet spark. I made her a dress with several violet leaves an petals and sometimes the whole flower, as well as a white petticoat. I used vintage chromes/scraps for her tiara, necklace and fan and some baby shoes on her feet. For the frame several Art-Nouveau ceramic tiles and, finally, a beautiful Brazilian butterfly. These butterflies can be seen again flying over the forests in Rio, after having disappeared for a long time due to the commerce of exotic animals. Things seem to be changing for better now, though...

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