Today's rendering is called "Iris and Crystals". Inspired by Matti Tauslahti and his fabulous last rendering, I decided to get the TFM set "Crystal Assets" and play a bit with that. On this work, I have also used some of Matti's texture pack, subject of a previous unit. The objects in the TFM assets have no texture, so, Matti's ones were the ideal. But you can also add texture by playing with the lights and the reflections generated by glass and/or metals.
As for the theme of the rendering, it is almost an olfactory one. I was inspired by the scent of the Iris flower - which is, at the same time, powdery and metallic, with an "icy" quality that also makes it soothing and restorative. The colour scheme evokes the flower itself, purple and green, and the silver was picked for that soothing quality. A bit complicate I know, but that is my attempt to put a scent into an image.
(PS... vase and flower from Sketchfab).
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