"Over the Town" by Marc Chagall becomes... "Over the Kong", in the town of Bellevsk (Vitebsk in the real world), by Marc Dogall...  Also suggested by my husband. This is probably one of my favourites because it shows well the way Bella feels about playtime and her Kongs. She can jump really high, and in some photographs it looks like she is flying. She regularly catches the frisbee in Phoenix Park - probably her favourite hangout.

Based on the "Woman in Hat" by Henri Matisse, 1920, here is our "Pup in Hat", by Henri Petisse...

Bella Lenahan also collect some Italian masters. Today we have the portrait of the young Collineta Bellazuriz, dated 1892, by the famous Giovanni Canini.

Original painting: "Giovinetta Errazuriz", by the amazing Giovanni Boldini.

"The Squeak", a masterwork by the Norwegian great master Edvard Munchies. In reality, this collage is based on the amazing "The Scream" by Edvard Munch. Thanks to Wikimedia/Google Art Project for the high resolution file.

his illustration is called "Canine Gothic", and is based on the famous "American Gothic" by Grant Wood. My husband asked me to use that painting this time, and Bella and her friend Fred, a sweet shy Springer Spaniel, are the models. This is dedicated to Ela Gluchowska, Fred's Mami.
I made two versions: one with a Comic finishing and the other in a more traditional/paint-like mode, which is shown here.
I tried to portray Fred and Bella as very rigid, serious and stiff canines. Like the human couple in the original painting, almost puritans. Bella looks very thin and angular, with a long neck, pursed lips and contrived posture. Fred wears metallic frames and looks quite imposing with his long shiny ears.

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