My exercise for today is Anushka's weekly unit Part 1. The first thing that came into my mind (and hands) today was a pencil. Then I decided to create my own pencil model using Dimension, which was pretty easy but still fun, because they are colour pencils and have Bella's name engraved into them (yeah, I know...). Then I created a very simple composite showing an imaginary desk with sheets of paper, a pencil cup (a simple pipe) and a paper weight. For the pencil, I used a cylinder and two cones at the end for the point. Most of my pencils are hexagonal, then I added 6 sides to the main shape. So, I believe we have two geons here: a rectangle + a triangle or, in the tridimensional plan, a cylinder and two cones. Please, Anushka, correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I understood. Thanks so much for the super-cool unit, by the way!
Below, my original sketch and two views of my composite.
As always, thank you for watching.

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