"Celestial Sweets, Part 1: Gulab Jamun", is my second rendering / composite for Emmanual Pepin's Weekly Unit about Food. I love Gulab Jamun, which, unfortunately is not that easy to get. Milk, rose petal syrup, lovely cardamom, in a truly celestial mix of flavour and fragrance. The lovely Lord Ganesha is from the great Francesco Coldesina, from Sketchfab. The little fried milk balls I also found in Sketchfab, and any other assets are, of course, from Adobe Stock. Presented in different angles and light intensities (Dark/Bright, being the darker versions in the 3d row).
Note: the bottle has been replaced by my own design in the 4th and last screenshots, since the original one looked very irregular depending on the angle. Mine is rounder and of a finer glass, letting the light pass through almost completely.
Thanks for watching!

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