Inspired by Sheridan LeFanu's "Carmilla", I decided to portray Bella as the Countess Belilla Kongstein. Sometimes when I lay down, Bella comes and decides to suckle my toes, with the help of her crooked little teeth and paws, which also makes me think of her as a little vampire. "Teeth" and "Paws" here become the Countess's two fashionable batty companions, whose names are "Clawdia" and "Fango". Bellila wears a satin red cape that I drew after Alexander McQueen's 2008 collection "The Girl In The Trees", which also relates to Coppola's "Dracula" imposing red kimono. Her canines are pointy, although discrete, and her eyes have an otherworldly red glow.  If anything, the Countess and her minions do not seem very scary!

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