Happy Easter for all of us! Today, I have some rabbits to show, so, I am open to suggestions here. I have followed Adobe tutorial with @Alex Lazaris, and I really loved it. The guy is a really good instructor and presented us with a composition involving bunnies and surreal landscapes. I am posting the links in the comments for, at least for me, it was a very good session and full of insights and hints. The results are close to what he did, but of course he is on another level. 10 out of 10 for the tutorial! Looking forward to more!

2 scenes: the 1st one I did is a nightly view, the 2nd one is a daylight scene , were I increased the number of rabbits and added new portals (according to Lazaris's sequel tutorials in Behance), and also a giant bunny statue to the scene. The rabbits are no longer coming off the walls as in the first rendering, but from portals placed in the walls, which makes more sense!

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