Our flower for today is the Calla Lily, meaning Beauty (calla is the greek name for "beauty", then we have a Bella "Bella" here!), Mystery and Passion, based on the mainly purple, magenta shades used. The white callas are a symbol for Purity, Faith and Rebirth. Note Bella carries a bouquet of white calla lilies as well. Calla Lilies are not real lilies, but zantedeschii, which were not only mixed up with lilies but also with another species called very simply "calla" (this one related to the anthurium, as far as I can tell). All very confusing!
Anyway, Bella is the Calla Lily Fairy. I designed her dress using only calla lilies' petals for the layered skirts, bodice and sleeves. Her crown or head ornament is a simple yellow lily and her wings are full of stars. A frame made of stylised calla lily tiles finishes this plate.

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