"Death and the Maiden", is my current composite made with Vladimir's skull, Sarah Tan's pack of figures and some Parrish-inspired colours and lights. The main figure is the Maiden, a model study/test of a Warlock found on Sketchfab. I worked a bit on that to make her look like an angel, and not a femme fatale, as originally intended. For this new materials and lights were applied, as well as covering her exposed, hum, bits. White lilies from Adobe Stock strategically positioned also helped with her transformation, as well as a quasi-demure tulle skirt.
The original renderings are shown in the 1st row, and are all under a bright, sunny light. Since I am playing with lights at the moment, I have also added a colder, darker version of it. This time it is much darker, and I believe in this case more befitting to the theme.
Which ones would you prefer, the original light ones or these, that are much darker?
Thanks for watching as ever,

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