Resuming my Illustrator training, I have created this tiny bat character following instructions in one tutorial recommended by the Adobe FB page. The tutorial is more or less OK, but still leaves much to be desired in the sense that steps were missing and so on. As a result, it took me longer to achieve what I wanted by using alternate methods. At any rate, I ended up creating my own character with my own chubby face and little body. I gave her the name of Bathilda, or Queen Bathilda VII. All the character and type was made in Illustrator. I have added a chair and floor by Itkupilli@Mischief Circus and also a crown and necklace from the same source (MBtM and Debbie Kerkhof). This was more or less like doing a collage in Photoshop and it was great to see how these two apps (PS and Illustrator) can be used altogether so easily. In the end, I saved it as a PDF and EPS in Illustrator, and a JPG in Photoshop (from the original EPS file).

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