I have bought and downloaded some of Kyle T. Webster's brushes and am having a blast. They are the free Create brushes in the Create website, and the Impasto kit from his own website. They both come with video tutorials and are very easy to follow. Most of all, they allow for some really cool effects that will surely add to the whole PS experience. The 1st artwork is called "Jane" (as in Jane Austen, of course!) and was designed after one of Kyle's examples in his Create tutorials. The second is simply "Bella" and shows the muse in a colourful illustration kawaii-style - very different from the collages I am used to make.  Here I mostly used his Impasto kit, following the tutorial, but also added  some of the new Create brushes.

Actually, they are both very different and I was a bit out of my safety zone here. They differ quite a lot from my usual "baroque" style. They are  (at least in appearance, which may not be the case for the execution) simpler and more streamlined; I am still getting used to it and it was a bit of a challenge (especifically the Bella's portrait), but I enjoyed making it immensely.

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