Shapata is an adorable raccoon living in the back garden of my friend Phyllis, in the US. Her name comes from the Native American name for "to grasp" or "to grab". Phyllis feeds her and loves her to death, although she is a wild animal - and does not come into the house. I have decided to portray beautiful Shapata, since I was so touched with her story and adorable eyes. This is my friend backgarden, blended with some William Morris wallpapers, as ever. The frame is decorated with Tiffany's stained glasses, including his famous Four Seasons in the corners. As for Shapata, I have decided to keep her as she is, no dress or fancy costume, just her lovely fur and beady eyes. The only human touch here is the sakura blossoms in her head, and the little pearl earrings. She is too pretty and delicate to wear dresses and I was afraid of hiding her natural beauty by doing so.
(Dedicated to Phyllis de Smet-Howard)

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