These are my studies for ADE weekly unit: Influencing Artists. Gustav Klimt is a constant presence in my life. I love ll his works, his personality and stories, the way he dressed, everything about him and his works. Pre-Raphelites is also an influence, but I already presented lots of works reflecting my Morris's obsession.
I cannot even fathom to get close to what Klimt has created in his brilliant lifetime. This is just a little tribute, where I tried to get some elements of his extensive works: colours, foiled gold (lots of it), spirals, geometric figures, waves... The tree alludes to his own Tree of Life, standing at the middle strong and proud. Some shapes I have created in Photoshop and Fontstruct. The materials applied to spheres and some squares are extracted (via Photoshop) from some of his paintings etc.
The black version was finished in Phostoshop, where I applied a golden frame to the background. The making of the tree was a bit messy and took me hours of pen tool working over sketches found via Google. Alas, after it was done, I found out that I could have used Stock, haha! They do have it for grabs, and I didn't know, but I don't regret getting more used to the Pen Tool and loved the experience of tracing it myself.
Any questions, please let me know.
I am adding two versions here: the Old Rose one and the Black, both with their accompanying close-up.
Thanks for watching (and reading),

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