"I am dancing with my true love - a memory of her. (...)"
This is my second entry for the Adobe Contest "The 5th Scream - Hidden Treasures of Creativity", using Munch's original brushes, namely, the Photoshop version of his tools created/adapted by Kyle T. Webster for Adobe. This contest is sponsored by the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway. 
My composition is based on his painting "The Dance of Life", which is part of his series "The Frieze of Life - A Poem about Life, Love and Death" (as "The Scream" also is, by the way). I mostly picked it up because it is another painting I love, and a fine example of the Art Nouveau influences on Munch's style. 
My version shows the fjord I drew on my 1st submission, and the same bridge. It is night, hours past the twilight time of the previous artwork. The couple is the one that appears in the "Dance of Life" - probably Munch and Milly "Mrs. Heiberg" Thaulow, or another woman of his past. They dance on the bridge and over the abyss. It is night and we cannot see what hides in the darkness. The Scream spectres are lurking, invisible, a bit like dark angels chanting an incantation with a silent voice, glass ghastly shards moving up and down the bridge. It is frightening to dance in the dark, alone with ghosts. The woman's dress is made of red fabric that resembles not only the purple night and its shadows but also blood, and a pool of it seems to accumulate under their feet, which merge in one seamless step: her dress, his legs, in a dance that moves the world (love-life-death). Their eyes are closed because they dream of each other - or maybe they are ready for one final embrace. Some sleep and some death, the memories still linger, the fear seems temporarily subdued. 
Kyle's brushes have been used here, as required.
The original picture file is 300dpi in A3 format, as requested, and will also be provided if needs be.
Finally, for the little museum shot, I have used Adobe Stock images, as suggested by Kyle in his video for the competition. This step is not required, but it seems like a nice touch!

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