This is a drawing I made in the 80's. A magical island probably based in one children's tale or old book or something. At the time I was in love with Dragons and Unicorns. By "in love" I mean I was really obsessed with anything magical and fantastic. Time passed and I brought the drawing to Dublin. At one stage we were living in apartment and, one day, the washing machine had a problem and it flooded the place. This drawing, among my Tarot and others, was badly damaged. It has gotten wet and the wet stains became mould stains overtime. I really liked that work and wanted to somehow retore it. Thanks to the help of mostly unknown people in Facebook, I received lots of help and hints on how to save it. And it worked! The original was made with coloured pencils over vellum paper, and I have restored it by photographing it in high res and then using Photoshop (Clone, Healing and Brush tools mostly). It took me one week and longer than any new creation, but I think it was worth it!
Below, the work in three phases: the original damaged drawing, the negative plate used to evaluate the extension of the damage and the final result, restored with Photoshop...

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