Since the original collage was done with a low resolution file, I have decided to make another using a Wikimedia HiRes file, a new picture of Bella and then changing a bit the flowers in the bottom and the lace banner at the top. These are the two files for comparison now. The 1st one being the most recent. What do you think?

It seems Bella has decided this week to resume her investments in Arts. She went to an auction in Milan and managed to get a stupendous work by the famous Belle Epoque Italian master Vittorio Mastiff Crocos! This is the portrait of Diane de La Bellère, another one of Bella's famous ancestors. I really don't know where she manages to get so much money for these things...
OK, seriously now... The painter is one of my favourite, Vittorio Matteo Corcos and this is a collage based on the portrait of Diane de La Bouchère. Hope you enjoy!

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