Yesterday's rendering is called "Bella's Imaginary Kitchen". I have used some very pretty tiles in the walls created by Hadeel Alharti for his Manilla Fling set, and used my portrait of Bella as a central piece, by myself. I just imagined if she were a lady and had a little house, and a kitchen, and all things nice and girly... Bella is my dog, as you may have guessed. But to tell you the truth she'd rather have scraps of duck all over, chicken, treats and lots of cheese and broccoli - not much ladylike, really. It would be a mess for sure and not rosy and clean like this!
Thank you for watching!

PS: All little objects via Adobe Stock, except for the calendar, from Sketchfab. Tiles by Hadeel Alharti, cupboard, shelves and painting by myself.

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