This is Johannes Wormeer, "Pup With a Pearl Earring". Her earring is enormous. That, or she is really a small puppie.
Based on Johannes Vermeer, "Girl With a Pe
arl Earring".
"My Dog and I" by Dognardo da Cane. Based on Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady and Ermine"...
Now, who is the dog, who is the owner? This was my very first collage. It was a bit challenging to make it since Da Vinci is intimidating. How can one ever aatempt to reproduce that subtle chiaroscuro effect that only the Master was capable of? No one. So, I went for a completely different effect here, flatter and more bi-dimensional, since I would never, ever, be able to do something like that. It took me some days to come up with the final collage with her multiple faces, especially the frame around it. The dog with the human face is me, of course.

Another great painting from Bella Lenahan's Collection of Dog Art: "Bella of Portugal", by the Dutch workshop of Van Der Wiener. It seems one of her ancestors was really (and royally) the Queen of the Dogs of Portugal and Duchess of Pups of Burgundy in the XVth Century!

Based on "Isabella of Portugal", by the workshop of Rogier Van Der Weyden.

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