Bella's flower today is the regal Peony . This time I am using the Hana Kotoba meanings, ie, the Japanese Language of Flowers. The meaning of the peony is: honour, respect, bravery and also nobility, bashfulness and true love. It also reinforces the idea that, in the end, all flowers will relate to Love somehow. Love and its various, multifaceted manifestations.
I based the main figure on a photograph of a traditional kimono from the blog There he displays marvelous pictures from Japanese designers and catwalk shows. This kimono is from Yukiko Hanai, 2012. I have changed the position of the main figure in order to accommodate our canine model better, and used a different colour palette (colder shades) and textures as well. Bella is surrounded by beautiful red peonies, in red to fuchsia, since this colour is my favourite when it comes to peonies. I built the frame from a picture of a single white peony I took in Phoenix Park years ago and made it look like a stained glass tiles surface (more or less!).

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