Continuing with Anushka's weekly unit, I started building some perfume flasks. While the main ones are still rendering, I have some studies to show. The only thing not created by me here is the scarf with the pretty Substance material. All flasks were "modelled" by myself using the parametric shapes in Dimension. Some are from existing perfumes, the others just from my imagination. It is amazing how we can create these new shapes and designs, I think only today I realised that for real. I am still having problems with some curves and angles in some of the shapes. I wish there was a sort of pen tool or distortion feature in Dimension, but I am quite happy with what can be achieved for now, from some very primary/basic shapes. Now I will certainly see the world with different eyes.
I made the composites to look like printed photos, colour and B&W versions presented, with granularity and low light settings, like something out of an 90's airline magazine.
Thanks for watching.

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