This is another artwork from Bella Lenahan's collection, by the famous Renaissance artist  Sandro Bellacelli. Bellacelli painted this "The Birth Of Venus" in circa 1480. It is assumed that the beautiful model that posed as Venus here was his beloved Signora Dogonetta Bellucci - not related to the famous actress Monica Bellucci, although undoubtedly as beautiful. Bellacelli the painter, and Bellucci the model, never stayed together. It was unrequited love.

This collage was made using "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli as the base. I purposedly made Bella much bigger to imply her divine powers and authority here. I decided to keep the Sylphs and Nymph as the original humans they are as not to interfere in Bella's "canine" importance and divinity - she is a Goddess after all. With a sheer aqua veil and fluffy tail she coyly covers her modesty, and her eyes seem to be delighted by a fluttering dragonfly (probably thinking about it as a snack). She also has developed some shiny delicate wings and her fur/hair curls and tangles as its original's counterpart. I have also added a rain of petals and more of Botticelli's flowers floating around. To finish, I created a frame with distressed velvet and lace trims and added a glowing pearl encased by leaves of swirly gold around it.

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