This rendering was finished today and is called "Mix and Match". I have used the pattern "Seaweed" by John Henry Dearle for Morris & Co in the wallpaper and most of the upholstery, and the whole atmosphere has a bit of a fin-de-siecle vibe, mixing Arts & Crafts with some classical pieces, an Art-Deco glass lamp and several objects. Once again I have used some of my Bella's artwork (originally done in Photoshop) applied as graphics onto some Stock frames. Most of the models used here are from Adobe Stock. I built the room with the new parametric shapes in Dimension and created some warm lights that are hiding all over the room and outside too. I am also including some detailed views.
I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching as ever!
LATEST UPDATE:  The red ceiling has been replaced by wooden planks as gently suggested by Anna Natter. I much prefer it this way. You can compare both ceilings below.
Also the reflections on the wood makes the room look less claustrophobic somehow and opens it to the lights, making things more breathable. The colour of the walls has been inspired by the walls in one of Leighton's House rooms in the 2nd floor, and is a nice tint of chartreuse. Again, the wallpapers are "Seaweed" by John Henry Dearle, being still produced by Morris & Co.
Adobe Dimension is great because it allows me to live inside these creations and always add or change the elements. I should call it "the house of my mind".

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