Using ancient Japanese postcard files, I made a series of manipulations portraying my dog Bella as a little geisha. Those photo files were found in Pinterest mostly and are old vintage Japanese cards or photographs. This study is called "Temari".
Another variation of "Temari", this time using a sepia colouring.
More on Bella-chan's visit to Old Japan. This one is called "Inari Okami". Bella worships Inari during her visit to the Temple.The original vintage picture is used as a base and a granulated texture applied to make it look like an old newspaper.
Bella travelling in Japan once again! Now we have a new collage called "Bella Chibi" where she holds a porcelain doll and suckles on a binky. Based on an antique Japanese photograph, which I found in Pinterest.
"Bella Chibi" once again, but this time using a pop-art, comic finish.
Another collage from the Bella-chan in Japan series. It was an old postcard with a geisha in the wind. Funny, it even had the wires attached to her kimono sleeve for the windy effect! I called it "Kaze" (wind)...
The name of this collage is "Kirei" (beautiful). The original is also shown below, another old photograph found via Pinterest from the National Geographic Society by Franklin Price Knott, 1927. 
A sepia coloured version of "Kirei"...
"Itadakimasu!" is a new collage showing Bella-chan feeding rice to her little doll. This is based on an old postcard I found in Pinterest via Flickr. I gave Bella a "chibi" treatment, so she can look like a baby again: big eyes and big nose and ears with a rounded, chubby face.

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