Using our gift from Vladimir Petkovic I made this render today, called "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi". The structure is similar to one of my favourite illustrators, Maxfield Parrish's artwork called "The Young King of the Black Isles". The light was captured from this illustration, in shades of amber/gold and teal. For the back wall I have used the wall with a hole from Sarah Tan's package, which is perfect for Parrish's style art, very art-deco. There is a whole meaning for all those associations (inside my head, that is!), but I would probably bore you to death with that.
Now, in the 2nd row, I added 2 new lightings. As in the previous renderings those were all created from Maxfield Parrish's oils, with shades of green, gold and purple this time.
Thanks all for watching, and especially thank you Vladimir and Sarah for the lovely assets,

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