I have started this project while I was still in the University, around 1980-81. This was to be a part of a Tarot deck, and is supposed to represent the 4 Ace cards, each corresponding to one element/suit (Earth, Fire, Water and Air). The study of Tarot symbolism and other "magical" things was a big part of my life then, but has somehow vanished over time.
The originals are watercolours on Fabriano paper. It does not look very sharp though, because these are scans of old photographs, the only way I found to preserve it somehow. At this time I lived in Brasil and tropical climates are not very fond of artisanal papers (or any paper for that matter, it seems!). I could not avoid the spots and stains of time, however I must say the watercolour (Schmincke Horadam) has kept most of its brightness.
As for the strange names in the cards, that was supposed to have something to do with Celtic Mythology, and are a bastard mix of Welsh and Britton languages, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, those meanings are lost to me now, and I could not find it in Google, I'm afraid! Anyway, the deck was intended to be based on Celtic Mythology and Arthurian legends (more of my interests of yore).
Finally, I have decided to add the frames this week, using Adobe Photoshop CC, and my art-nouveau tiles that I love so much. In this sense, this graphic work has become a mixed media thing (watercolour + Photoshop).

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