Bella will show us tonight a portrait from one of her Italian ancestors: Isabellina di Collini-Puppini. Isabellina lived in Venice during the Renaissance and was a very refined little bitch. She used to work as a model for several famous painters of the time. Famous for her exquisite beauty, the lady was also intelligent and determined and decided to follow her old dream. That is how she became the first female Master glassblower in Murano. This portrait was painted by Toni Pupaiollo some time in the 15th Century! (But not to be confused with the equally famous Toni Pizzaiollo).
(Original collage using a dress from one of Antonio del Polaiollo oils, a beautiful Mr. Turner's canvas showing the Venice Canal, a plethora of red lace and roses, a vintage floral wall paper blending with the Turner, a velvet brocade frame and a pretty antique ruby earring).

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